We are constantly faced with new life situations, many of which are beyond our control and some of which are unpleasant. In this passage, we look at three events that remind us that God is in control of our times of transition, and that we can trust Him no matter what comes our way.
The risen Lord Jesus is building His church through the proclamation of God’s message and the preservation of God’s people. In this passage, we look at how we have been preserved from the judgment to come, so that we might proclaim the excellency of Christ to the end of the earth.
Christians are those who believe that Jesus is the risen King, who welcomes unworthy sinners into God’s kingdom under His saving rule. But Christians are those who not only believe this to be true, but who also proclaim this good news to the nations. In our text, we look at the message and the method and the mixed response to this proclamation.
In this passage, we see three individuals who show us what it means to be free. True freedom doesn't mean that we are able to do what we want; true freedom means that we are free from our bondage to sin and Satan and death. For those who believe in Jesus, there is true freedom.
No matter what we’ve done, no matter how badly we’ve messed up, if God can orchestrate all of human history, so that His Son is crucified to reconcile sinners and to restore all of creation, then God can handle any problem that comes our way, because He is seated on His throne, and He will reign forever.
God is creating for Himself a people who are united by grace through faith in Christ alone. We may disagree on everything else, but if we are united on the gospel, then we are united on what truly matters. Through our unity and our joy and our love for one another, the church can be a shining light in a world darkened by division and hostility.