By the grace of God, Saul – who was a violent opponent of the Church – came to believe in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God. In this passage, we see that conversion not only results in God awakening our spiritually dead hearts to believe in Jesus, but that all those who are saved by grace through faith in Jesus are enabled to preach about Jesus and to endure suffering for His name.
Under the Old Covenant, eunuchs were separated from God and from God’s people, not because eunuchs were evil, but because God is holy. In this passage of Scripture, Philip had the opportunity to share the good news that Jesus came to reconcile sinners to God. And we discover that sometimes God puts us in places we do not plan to further His work.
The persecuted church has been scattered throughout Judea and Samaria, preaching the Word as they went. Some will respond with true, saving faith, but some will respond with a counterfeit faith. In this sermon, we look at the faith of a Samaritan magician who reveals to us that anyone can claim to be a Christian, but true, saving faith involves a transformed heart.
What had once been a thriving benevolent ministry in the early church had become a threat to the unity that Christ died to achieve. In this passage, we look at the response of the church to appoint men of good repute, full of the spirit and of wisdom, to oversee this ministry, which allowed for the preaching of the Word of God to continue.