Whenever the gospel is preached, the response is divided. In this passage, we see a great number of people come to the gospel and embrace Jesus, while Peter and John are arrested for preaching about Jesus. It is this hostile atmosphere in which we have the opportunity to live as Christians and to bear witness to Jesus.
Having just healed a beggar who was lame from birth, and seeing the awestruck crowds that now gathered around them, Peter seizes the opportunity to correct a misunderstanding and to bear witness to Christ. In this text, we are reminded of the blessings of salvation that come by faith in the name of Jesus.
Having just given his readers a glimpse of life in the early church, Luke turns his attention to one particular miracle that the apostles did involving the healing of a lame beggar. In this story, Luke reveals that our greatest need is not physical but spiritual, and that we can be confident in the salvation of our God and in the promised restoration that Jesus is bringing.