Having just given his readers a glimpse of life in the early church, Luke turns his attention to one particular miracle that the apostles did involving the healing of a lame beggar. In this story, Luke reveals that our greatest need is not physical but spiritual, and that we can be confident in the salvation of our God and in the promised restoration that Jesus is bringing.

Make the Best Use of the Time

December 27, 2020
The most devastating thing about 2020 is that so many of us will let this year leave without letting it teach us something. We must make the best use of the time we have been given, facing the year to come with assurance and confidence that Christ is King.
If there is no God, then nothing matters and all of life ends in meaningless despair. But if there is a God, then everything matters and everything has meaning. The Preacher of Ecclesiastes closes his book by pointing us to duty of mankind to fear God and keep His commandments.