With Jesus before him, Pilate faced a terrible dilemma. He found no guilt in Jesus, but the Jews wanted Jesus crucified. As we see in this passage, Pilate lacked the courage to stand up to the crowd, choosing instead to crucify the innocent Son of God. What will we do with the innocent Christ?
During His interrogation, it appeared that Jesus’ fate was in the hands of men like Pilate. But in reality, Jesus was in control. In this message, we look at how man’s attempt to crucify Jesus fulfilled God’s plan. We might think that we are not as bad as some of the characters in this story, but we need Jesus more than we realize.
To the unbelieving eye, Jesus' last days on earth seem as though Jesus is a tragic victim. However, the Gospel of John paints a picture of Jesus in total control over the terrible events surrounding His death, and how this is an encouragement to us that Jesus is control over our terrible events.